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Is this thing on?

In hoping to connect with our local community and the global outdoor community, we at CV Sports are looking to social media to spread our message of outdoor participation.  There will be growing pains, but we plan on being a part of this community for a long time.

We’ll be sharing insight into what’s happening around Tahoe, California, and the western US snow, hike, and bike region as well.  Keep checking with us and invite your friends to connect.  We believe in connecting like minds and will be happy to provide an atmosphere to do it!  If you have suggestions on the type of content y0u want to see, drop us a line in the form below.

Its an exciting time!




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Serving the Carson Valley and South Lake Tahoe, CV Sports is a series of full-service ski and rental shops with lakes and mountains flowing through our veins. Stop in and let us share our passion.

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